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The Park Estate

Lenton Road, Nottingham. NG7 1DP • (0115) 947 4273
The Park Estate, Nottingham
The Park Estate, Nottingham

Nottingham Park Estate is an historic residential estate in the heart of Nottingham. The Park is one of the most remarkable Victorian residential estates in the country and is an area of national architectural importance as well as a conservation area.

This area was formerly a private hunting deer park for the Duke of Newcastle who was also the owner of Nottingham Castle Mansion which overlooks it, but its construction was controversial as many saw the land as public land. The estate is still lit by one of the largest gas street-lighting networks in Europe and is maintained privately by Nottingham Park Estate Limited.

The Duke of Newcastle's Park Tunnel was built in 1855 (primarily as the main entrance to the Park) under the direction of T. C. Hind (1813–1899) the architect responsible for many buildings in the city. The Duke of Newcastle's original requirement was for a tunnel to allow horse drawn carriages access to The Park Estate from Derby Road with a maximum gradient of 1 in 14; the tunnel actually has a gradient of 1 in 12 which was considered too great for horse drawn carriages thus defeating the object of its construction. The Derby Road end is now hidden by new buildings but access is still open.

The Park Steps are also another popular way to access the estate from Park Row/Park Terrace.


Free Entry.

No easily accessible wifi. Smoking allowed.

Opening Times:

Open at all times.


Advance booking is not required.


Located west of the city centre behind Nottingham Castle. Main access roads are Lenton Road (next to the Castle entrance) and Peveril Drive (off Castle Boulevard). Pedestrians can also use the Park Tunnel from Derby Road or Park Steps on Park Terrace.

Getting There:

National Rail Nottingham railway station: 20 minutes walk.


No parking available.

The Park Estate, NottinghamThe Park Estate, Nottingham
The Park Estate, NottinghamThe Park Estate, Nottingham
The Park Tunnel,, NottinghamThe Park Tunnel,, Nottingham
The Park Tunnel, NottinghamThe Park Tunnel, Nottingham
The Park Estate, Lenton Road, Nottingham. NG7 1DP • (0115) 947 4273

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