Key to the City™, Liverpool.

Liverpool and Merseyside

Three Graces, Liverpool
Three Graces, Liverpool (Photo: Not So Big Media)

This great maritime city of the British Empire, Liverpool has grown from a local harbour to become the trading port of Britain. It is now one of the tourist hubs of the north of England and one of the UK's most iconic cities.

Liverpool and the surrounding region is undergoing many changes. Hotels are springing up in old abandoned warehouses, office blocks and new developments on the Waterfont are creating new leisure destinations.

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The Lowdown on Liverpool

Church Street, Liverpool
Church Street, Liverpool

Information to get you started

Liverpool is a international city and the second port city in the country after London. Known for its trading background, the city was at the centre of the British Empire. In this section we'll give you an outline of how the city works.

The Liverpool Story

Strand, Liverpool
Strand, Liverpool

Famous places and faces

Knowing the story of Liverpool will hopefully help you enjoy the city more. In this section we will dive into the past, including Liverpool's origins as a trading port, and look at the people of Liverpool who made the city famous. More articles coming soon.

Liverpool Civic Pride

Liverpool Town Hall

Articles and news stories

This is our news and features section. In the coming months we hope to feature articles about Liverpool from local writers, bloggers and journalists. We hope that this will give visitors a better insight to the city.

Liverpool Amenities

Lord Street, Liverpool

Local facilities

In this section we'll look at what useful amenities are available including wifi, communication, media, health and safety.