Key to the City™, Oxford.

The Dreaming Spires of Oxford

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford
Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Oxford is home to the oldest English speaking University in the world and probably the most famous place of learning to many people. It's also one of Britain's most impressive and ancient cities with astounding architecture and monumental buildings.

Apart from being a centre of scholarship, Oxford is also the location of many memorable film and TV productions. The Harry Potter films are famous world wide, but for UK television viewers, memories of the series Inspector Morse and its sequels are just as strong.

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The Lowdown on Oxford

Carfax Tower, Oxford
Carfax Tower, Oxford

Information to get you started

Oxford is a historic university city. In this section we'll give you an outline of how the city works.

The Oxford Story

Cornmarket Street, Oxford
Cornmarket Street, Oxford

Famous places and faces

Knowing the story of Oxford will hopefully help you enjoy the city more. In this section we will dive into the past, including Oxford's origins as a university town, and look at the people of Oxford who made the city famous. More articles coming soon.

Oxford Civic Pride

High Street, Oxford

Articles and news stories

This is our news and features section. In the coming months we hope to feature articles about Oxford from local writers, bloggers and journalists. We hope that this will give visitors a better insight to the city.

Oxford Amenities

Town Hall, Oxford

Local facilities

In this section we'll look at what useful amenities are available including wifi, communication, media, health and safety.