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We welcome all comments and suggestions from visitors to this community website. We are expanding this site to make Key to the City™ a more interactive experience.

Popular Questions

Can you answer questions or send out information about the cities you feature?

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to respond to individual visitor questions about the cities we feature. Please direct your questions to the Tourist Information Centre, details of which can be found in the Day Out section of the relevant city.

Can you send me a Key to the City™ map?

We are unable to mail out individual copies of the Key to the City™ maps. In the cities where we produce them, they will be available from the main tourist attractions and popular hotels.

Can I recommend a business or attraction to you?

We welcome recommendations of businesses that members feel worthy of being included on this website. We try to feature the best, unique independent businesses and the most popular from the national chains. Please remember that we are a guide and not a directory. We feel travellers prefer detailed information on the top twenty businesses rather than a list of one hundred.

Will you list my event?

We only have the resources to list major events that attract several thousand visitors. In the future we hope to include a local events diary which members will be able to contribute to.

I've spotted a mistake.

We would appreciate it if you could let us know so that we can correct it. Although we try to keep all our listings up to date, we realise that information changes from time to time. You can also highlight errors on the comment form of the individual business or attraction.

A business that you list has closed.

Again, we would appreciate it if you could let us know so that we can correct it. Although we try to keep all our listings up to date, we realise that businesses close from time to time.

How does your rating system work?

The rating of a business is usually a very subjective matter. The service you get on one day by one particular member of staff can be completely different to someone else on a different day. We want to be as objective as possible and take an overall view of the business. We are looking at value for money, the quality of what the business is offering, how the business treats their customers, repeated reports of the same problem at a business and how a business deals with complaints. Scores are based on either our own experiences, the views of our partners who work in that particular industry, scores from independent sites that we link to, members feedback through the comments section or an average of several web based scores including Google.

If you think our rating is too low or too high we'd love for you to let us know. Tell us your views, what score you think the business should have and a link to one, preferably more, independent web reviews of the business that justifies this.

I can't log into my user account.

Our member system is automated and case sensitive. Make sure that you are not using capital instead of lowercase letters, or vice versa. If you still cannot log in, please just create a new account as we are unable to send out individual members details.

Do you have any jobs going?

Any vacancies will be listed in our Take Part section.

Can I submit an article or photo gallery to your site?

We welcome member contributions that are of the highest standards. More details in our Take Part section.

You feature us on your site, can we update our listing?

Yes, if you are already listed on our site we are happy to update your details. We try to update cities as often as possible, with a major update and visit every six months. More details and a contact form are on the Not So Big Media website.

I'm a business and would like to feature or advertise on your site.

Please visit the Not So Big Media website for details.

We're an organisation that would like to work with you.

We believe in creating partnerships with local, independent businesses and groups. Please visit the Not So Big Media website for details.

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Although we read all of your comments, unfortunately we are unable to respond to individual visitor questions. Thank you for your interest and participation.