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Cambridge: Inner City

Burleigh Street, Cambridge
Burleigh Street, Cambridge (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Just outside of the city centre is Cambridge's residential area. As well as the local shopping area of Burleigh Street /East Road, you can also find traditional guest houses along Chesterton Road. The distance to the city centre from this area is a ten to 30 minutes walk.

In this area of Cambridge can be found the majority of Cambridge's guest houses, especially along Chesterton Road in the north. Limited on street parking is available and is normally free.

There are quite a few good restaurants in Inner City Cambridge. Along Chesterton Road in the north or over in the east, Mill Road is the popular place to head to for a bite to eat.

Premier Inn, Cambridge
Premier Inn, Cambridge

The local shopping area is around Burleigh Street, home to the Grafton Centre.

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