Key to the City™, Cardiff.

Cardiff Driving Information

Kingsway, Cardiff
Kingsway, Cardiff

Driving through Cardiff during the morning and evening rush hours is very difficult to say the least! In this section we will feature information on main routes through the city, parking and regular road closures.

Cardiff Driving

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Cardiff Park and Ride

Cardiff has three Park and Ride sites each running bus services to and from the city centre. Cardiff East is located on the A48 Eastern Avenue, Cardiff South is located at Cardiff County Hall (Sat only) and Cardiff West is located at the Cardiff City Stadium (Mon-Fri only).

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Parking in Cardiff

Parking in Cardiff's Civic Centre

Parking in Cardiff is very expensive. The NCP car parks in the central area charge over £10 for just three hours parking. We list some better options for you here.

Road Closures for Stadium Events

Westgate Street, Cardiff

During major events at the Principality Stadium such as the Six Nations rugby tournament, many roads in the area are closed and the only through route is south of the city.

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