Key to the City™, Cardiff.

Local Cardiff Websites

We've scoured the internet for the best local Cardiff websites. Each one features a unique view which we hope will give visitors a better perspective of the city.


A photographic, historical archive, and a useful source of information about the important events that have taken place in Cardiff. Many, many old pictures of the city, carefully divided into districts.

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We Are Cardiff

We Are Cardiff is a voluntary project which is collecting the stories of people that live in this fine capital city of Wales. Whatever your story, however you ended up living here, whatever your job (or not), what you love (or hate) about the city, they want to hear it all.

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I Loves The 'Diff

I Loves The ‘Diff boasts an exciting and wide range of products some of which celebrate the Welsh capital while others tickle the great Welsh sense of humour.

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Whitchurch and Llandaff North

Very interesting website about the people and places - past and present - of Whitchurch and Llandaff North (suburbs of Cardiff). Lots of photographs of the area from the past to the present.

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Peter Finch Archive - Home of Real Cardiff

Native Cardiffian Peter Finch's view of some of the dramatic changes going on in his city. The site is full with fascinating stories and pictures of Cardiff from the past century.

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