Key to the City™, Nottingham.

Local Nottingham Websites

We've scoured the internet for the best local Nottingham websites. Each one features a unique view which we hope will give visitors a better perspective of the city.

Nottingham at the turn of the 21st Century

A website by Ray Teece with a vast collection of photographs taken mainly from 2003 to the present, a time of considerable change and regeneration for the city. The prime aim was to capture as much of the old before it all disappears into history.

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Nottingham Hidden History Team

The team originally formed in 1965 to try to save or at least record before destruction the cave sites discovered during the major redevelopment of the City that took place in Nottingham in the 1960s. On the site you will find a series of history, folklore and archaeological related articles and information.

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Nottinghamshire History

The Nottinghamshire History website aims to make accessible a wide range of books and articles reflecting the rich and fascinating history of this part of the midlands. The website also provides local historians and genealogists with downloadable materials such as maps and also links to other useful online resources.

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Nottstalgia is a forum based site discussing the interesting history of Nottingham.

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Picture the Past

Picture the Past aims to conserve and make publicly accessible the photographic heritage of the North East Midlands, thus enabling people to see the richness and diversity of the area's photographic collections.

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Nottingham Daily Photo

Christopher Frost's Nottingham Daily Photo is an archived photographic record of things he saw during his day in Nottingham, Beeston and sometimes further afield. Many, many photos from 2006 to 2016.

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