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Cross Country Trains

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Cross Country Trains
Cross Country Trains

Cross Country Trains provides long distance services across the UK that operate through Birmingham New Street station. These include routes to/from Manchester, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham, Exeter, Plymouth, Oxford and Southampton.

Cross Country Trains operate mainly diesel rail-cars. Although modern looking from the outside, they are cramped and very noisy inside with heavy vibrations from the engines underneath each carriage. Often over-crowded with poor air conditioning, we felt physically ill on our journey to Birmingham as the train slowly entered the city. There's no quiet carriage and not enough space for luggage with overhead racks only able to take the smallest of bags.

Because of the long distance of these services we would advise you to check on the National Rail website to see if your train is actually running on time. Delays of over an hour aren't uncommon. For many journeys, it can work out cheaper buying two 'split' tickets for the same schedule train. For example, Oxford to Birmingham could work out cheaper if you buy tickets to/from Banbury. Or for Weston-super-Mare to Wolverhampton, buy tickets to/from Cheltenham Spa. For even longer distances, flights could work out cheaper and quicker so are worth looking into.


Refreshments available. Public toilets available.

No easily accessible wifi. No smoking.


For wheelchair users, help will be needed to board trains as ramps are required. Go to the Customer Services desk for assistance.

Cross Country TrainsCross Country Trains
Cross Country TrainsCross Country Trains
Cross Country TrainsCross Country Trains
Cross Country TrainsCross Country Trains
Travel Operator: Deutsche Bahn AG

Last Updated Friday 18 March 2022

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