Key to the City™ Cambridge Students.

Cambridge Videos

In this section we have compiled the best Cambridge videos from our own collection plus a selection from the web too. Click on a listing to open the video in a new page with a bigger screen and more information. Any suggestions? Please let us know.

Miniature Punting in Cambridge

Punting on the river Cam in Cambridge, England by Milan Ovecka - miniature version!

A Winter Waltz In Cambridge

A time-lapse day-in-the-life video celebrating the magic of Cambridge, featuring iconic views of the city and University.

London Walks Cambridge Walk

London Walks explores what they call the most beautiful city in Europe in 2008.

Cambridge University

The University town of Cambridge (United Kingdom) in the summer created by Alexander Steinforth.

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2015 Highlights

Light beautifully bridges across Art and Science, and the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a celebration of the infinite possibilities created by this intersection. The really great thing is that you don’t have to be into visual art to want to come and see it.

Ten Interesting Facts About Cambridge

Amigos Ingleses talk about some interesting curiosities about Cambridge. A video aimed at students learning English.

Cambridge Folk Festival 2015

The annual Cambridge Folk Festival is held at Cherry Hinton Hall over a long weekend in July/August.

The City of Cambridge

Short film about Cambridge featuring views of the town centre.

Cambridge University (1945)

The ancient University of Cambridge in its setting of a market town. The film shows many famous streets and Colleges and typical scenes of University life. Shots include dinner in Hall, a lecture by Sir Lawrence Bragg, F.R.S., Degree day at the Senate House and Evensong at King's

Easter From King's Trailer

Excerpts from the DVD of the 2014 BBC broadcast, Easter from King's.

The Questioning City (1959)

Cambridge is represented in 'The Questioning City' as a hive of intellectual activity, edited with a sprinting energy.

Facejacker Sketches - Cambridge Tours

The Facejacker gives his own audio tours of the sights of Cambridge, including interesting information on what the wrought iron gates are made from ...

Cambridge, England

A collection of impressions and images from Cambridge, England. Shot by Lumix GH5 and edited on Premier Pro.