Key to the City™ Cambridge Students.

Cambridge Videos

In this section we have compiled the best Cambridge videos from our own collection plus a selection from the web too. Click on a listing to open the video in a new page with a bigger screen and more information. Any suggestions? Please let us know.

Miniature Punting in Cambridge

Punting on the river Cam in Cambridge, England by Milan Ovecka - miniature version!

A Winter Waltz In Cambridge

A time-lapse day-in-the-life video celebrating the magic of Cambridge, featuring iconic views of the city and University.

Ten Interesting Facts About Cambridge

Amigos Ingleses talk about some interesting curiosities about Cambridge. A video aimed at students learning English.

The City of Cambridge

Short film about Cambridge featuring views of the town centre.

Facejacker Sketches - Cambridge Tours

The Facejacker gives his own audio tours of the sights of Cambridge, including interesting information on what the wrought iron gates are made from ...